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Weizhong Revolving Machinery Co., Ltd. has been operating since 1991 and is the world's leading manufacturer of revolving restaurants, car turntables, truck turntables and industrial turntables. We can supply turntables of any size and load capability, in diameter from 3-meter to 60-meter and capable of accommodating loads weighting 500KG to 1,000 metric tons.

Weizhong turntables apply our own Patent Pin-Gear Drive system. It's a technically superior drive system, without the problems that are typically associated with friction drive systems. The advantages of Pin-Gear Drive are smooth revolving, reliable operation, long life with minimal wear and tear.

Since 2000, Weizhong has devoted to develope an oversea market. Up until 2011, our turntables have been exported to North America, South America, Europe, Africa, Australia and Middle East about more than 30 counties throughout the world.

In addition, Weizhong achieved ISO9001 quality control system in 1999 and now has subsequently achieved the ISO9001-2008 certificate. By choosing Weizhong turntables you can be assured of its quality, honesty and reliability.

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