In 1986 entrepreneur Weizhong Xu opened a revolving restaurant in the Chinese port city of Qinhuangdao. Recognizing the growing popularity of revolving restaurants and opportunity to improve upon existing turntable technology, Weizhong Xu developed a new Pin-Gear system to drive the rotating floor. He took out a Chinese patent in 1988 and created a corporation to manufacture the system three years later. Based in Shenyang, the Weizhong Revolving Machinery Company has manufactured and installed over one hundred revolving restaurants in fifteen TV towers and eighty-five high-rise buildings during its first decade of operations. Most were in Asia, but the company has also supplied machinery for restaurants in Albania, Kosovo, Saudi Arabia, Eqypt, and Uganda. Weizhong's most notable installation was in what is probably the best known revolving restaurant in Asia, the one atop the Shanghai Oriental Pearl TV Tower.

Completed in 1995, the Oriental Pearl Towers stands over 1,500 feet tall. It is the largest tower in Asia and the third tallest tower in the world. Three cylindrical shafts form a central column that stretches between large lower and upper spheres, and the column is supported by three legs that spread outward from the lower sphere to the ground. The legs sweeping upward, combined with the graduated nature of the construction, narrowing from bottom to peak, suggest and over-inflated Eiffel Tower in rounded concrete, while the spheres seem to reference Berlin's Fernsehturm.
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